Focal Point
Mr. Bert Diphoorn
Vice Chair
Side Events at Rio+20

Green economy Practices/Policies/Initiatives in UN-Water
Background papers/Position papers
  • Information note on water at Rio
    This information note provides information on questions and issues raised in the Rio+20 negotiation process on water and much more.
  • Interview series on Water in Rio+20. Interview with Alice M. Bouman-Dentener
    Interviewing Ms Alice M. Bouman-Dentener, President of Women for Water Partnership
    Interview series on Water in Rio+20 by UNW-DPAC
    "Water = Life. We all know that. We should stop questioning and debating the obvious. Given the fact that so many millions on our globe still lack access to this life bringing resource, we should use our time and energy to solve that problem by putting the vast number of already agreed principles into practice. Let us please move from vision to action."
  • Rio+20 water calendar
    In this booklet you will find a list of all water-related official side events and other main events.
  • Water and a Green Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Case studies on Water and Green Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    Download: http://bit.ly/Lk04CR
    Know more at: www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/green_economy.shtml
  • Water planning in the transition to a green economy
    Water planning in the transition to a green economy. Download PDF: http://bit.ly/MEd1G1
    Know more on Water and Green Economy: www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/green_economy
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