• Date: 15 Jun 2012
  • Time: 10:00 - 1:00 pm
  • Organizer: BioRegional Development Group
  • Theme: Sustainable consumption and production
  • Perspective: Global
  • Language: english
  • See instructors

All SD-Learning courses will be held at Room T-7 at the Major Groups/Side events pavilion at the RioCentro Convention Center. More information can be found at our Logistics page.

One Planet Living: a practical framework for achieving sustainable consumption and production

One Planet Living is a sustainable development and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) framework and tool developed from the practical experience of BioRegional and our partners.

It is a people centred approach based on equity, ecological and carbon footprint, clean production and ten principles that cover environmental, social and economic aspects that include carbon, food, equity, local economy, health and happiness.

Originally designed for planning sustainable communities in 2002, One Planet Living has been found to be scale-able and adaptable to different sectors and audiences including London 2012 Olympics, home retail store customers and products, local authorities, cities and individuals. The framework is now being used in 11 countries- Australia, Canada, China, France, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Portugal, South Africa, UK, UAE and USA- by organisations which employ 80,000 people and have annual revenues of $25 billion. It has also been used by sustainable communities which reach a development value of $30 billion and a free online toolkit has been downloaded in 51 countries to date.

This session will provide basic training so that participants will be able to use the One Planet Living framework and be supported by an on-line knowledge sharing network, One Planet Open Source.


We are consuming too many resources on the planet globally while many do not have enough. If everyone in the world lived the global middle class lifestyle that everyone aspires to, then we would need three planet


The Objectives of the course are that participants will

1. Develop a clear and basic understanding of the One Planet Living tool and how they can use it in a variety of scenarios.

2. Understand how these approaches could be used fo


This will be an interactive, facilitated session, therefore participation will be limited to 100 people.

The main session and report back will be in English, but table groups can be conducted in Spanish, Portugese


We will use powerpoint presentation with case studies to introduce the session and handouts.

Then group work with handouts and case studies using flip charts, post it notes and reporting back in a facilitated session.


The intended i

Instructor 1
Sue Riddlestone (BioRegional Development Group)
Instructor 2
Pooran Desai (BioRegional Development Group)
Instructor 3
Freya Seath (BioRegional Development Group)
Instructor 4
Juan Pablo Valdes (Imbera)
Instructor 5
Onofre Costilla and Ana Gaby Gómez (Imbera)
Instructor 6
Simon McWhirter (Hab Housing)
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