Location: Untied Kingdom

Sectors: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture; Sustainable energy: access, efficiency and renewables; Green industry, material efficiency and waste minimization; Freshwater Resource Management and Sanitation; Natural Disaster Preparedness and Climate Change Adaptation; Biodiversity, Forests and other Ecosystems;

By: United Kingdom

Type: National

Source: UK Government

Year: 2006

Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate targets
Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate targets consist of targets to reduce Government?s environmental impact (cutting carbon, waste, water use and procuring sustainably etc) as well as targets to maximise the positive impacts on environment and society (biodiversity, volunteering).

The aims of all of the SOGE targets are for Government to: Lead by example ? Government must demonstrate leadership in the sustainable management of its estate and use its significant buying power to achieve a low carbon, more resource efficient public sector; and to reduce environmental impact ? Government must acknowledge the environmental impact of its activities and demonstrate how it is they are reducing this impact.
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