Location: Barbados

Sectors: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture; Sustainable energy: access, efficiency and renewables; Green industry, material efficiency and waste minimization; Sustainable Cities and Built Environment; Freshwater Resource Management and Sanitation; Biodiversity, Forests and other Ecosystems;

By: Barbados

Type: National

Year: 2011

Partnership for a Resource-Efficient Green Economy
In 2011 the Prime Minister of Barbados launched a Government of Barbados and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) Partnership for a Resource-Efficient Green Economy in Barbados, with a key plank being the undertaking of a Green Economy Scoping Study (GESS).

The green economy calls for an integrated approach that provides new opportunities for economic growth by directing greater investments into sectors that enhance natural capital and generate new sources of employment, while reducing environmental risks. Government's recognition of the need for promoting a green economic transformation in Barbados was the impetus for the partnership with UNEP to conduct the green economy scoping study.

The study would focus on four key economic sectors, namely, tourism, agriculture, housing/building and transport, along with the cross-cutting issues of energy, water and waste.
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