Location: Moscow

Sectors: Sustainable Cities and Built Environment;

By: Russian Federation

Type: National

Source: Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation

Year: 2009

All-Russian competition ?The most comfortable urban (rural) settlement?
Stimulation of local governments activities and best practices dissemination in developing and improving the housing and communal services
The competition is held since 2009 and aimed to evaluation of the activity of local governments in developing and improving the livability of the housing and communal services. Along with indicators such as building new residental infrastructure or its renovation a number of indicators are being applied in evaluation of sustainable development of a settlement. These are quality of drinking water, organization of selective collection and disposal of solid waste, share of public buildings, equipped with meters of hot and cold water, etc. The competition promotes dissemination of best practices. 90% of the award is to be spent on the development of housing and communal services and improving the livability of a settlement.
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