Location: Moscow

Sectors: Green industry, material efficiency and waste minimization; Biodiversity, Forests and other Ecosystems; Social sector and green economy: education, health, employment, equity;

By: Russian Federation

Type: National

Source: All-Russian non-governmental organization ?Green patrol?

Year: 2008

Ecological rating of the Subjects of the Russian Federation
Monitoring and assesment of environment protecrion status in the regions of Russia
Project Objectives:- ? Formation of ecological rating of the Russian regions on the basis of publicly available information and assessment of environmental and ecological character ? -Promotion of sustainable development of the Russian Federation in the interests of its citizens ? Fostering environmental programs in regions, ? Promoting the development of civil society in the Russian Federation, ? Promotion of environmental education The evaluation identifies 15 indicators, which cover three main areas of monitoring in the regions: ? Environmental protection ? Protecting and improving of human environment and human health, ? The status and development of the industry to meet the requirements of environmental safety. Rating is calculated quarterly for all Subjects of the Russian Federation.
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