Partnerships Forum at Rio+20
A Partnerships Forum was organized at Rio+20. The Forum consisted of highly dynamic and interactive sessions to highlight the significant contributions of partnerships to the implementation of sustainable development.

Please see the schedule of sessions below.

Partnership Forum Speakers PDF

"We need more partnerships with civil society and the private sector - strategic alliances that can galvanize global public support and drive change. I look forward to new commitments and initiatives on critical challenges -- from job creation and social protection, to energy, transportation and food security. These undertakings, and the global mobilization that has produced them, will be a major part of Rio+20's legacy. Ultimately, Rio+20 will be measured in the transformation it sets in motion - the lives it changes for the better..."

- Ban Ki-Moon United Nations Secretary General

Day 1, Wed 20 June
Day 2, Thu 21 June
Day 3, Fri 22 June
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