Future We Want - Major Groups comments on section III - V
Major groups?s comments on section III through V, received by 29 February, 2012 as per Ambassador Kim?s offer to Major groups on 27 January 2012
Comments to Zero Draft
Recognizing the importance of civil society or stakeholder sectors ? or Major Groups as they are categorized in Agenda 21? the Rio+20 Bureau?s co-chair Ambassador Kim, at the Bureau meeting with Major groups on January 27, 2012, invited Major Groups to submit their amendments to the Rio+20 Zero draft outcome to him.

The Secretariat has compiled these amendments into one single document. Major groups sector amendments are included in the text in the first section of the document. Since the NGO Major Groups submissions were developed by different thematic clusters facilitated by one or several NGOs, in several instances, amendment language differ. These differences are indicated with the phrase ** Non-agreement between NGOs **.

Several organizations decided to submit their own individual submissions (even though most of them took part in the NGO clusters). These submissions appear at the end of the document under their organization?s name.

Disclaimer: Views represented in this document are those of the major groups and submitting organizations. They do not necessarily represent the views of the Secretariat who only aggregated the submissions.
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