Preparatory Process

Resolutions 64/236 and 65/152 have decided to hold three preparatory meetings, one in May 2010 the second one in March 2011 and the third one immediately prior to the Conference itself. Additionally, it has also been decided that three intersessional meetings will take place: one in January 2010, the second one in the second half of 2010 and the third one not later than eight weeks prior to the Conference. The purpose of these preparatory meetings is to discuss substantive and procedural issues in preparation for the Conference.

An inclusive preparatory process has started to take place involving various stakeholders at different levels. This process is geared towards achieving an outcome that will make notable contributions in advancing the goal of sustainable development.
Member States elected at the First Preparatory Committee meeting in May 2010 a 10-member Bureau (2 representatives from each region) and Brazil as ex-officio member to steer the preparatory process and decide on the roadmap and organization of work of the preparatory process.
The UN Secretary General in May 2010 nominated the Under-Secretary-General of Economic and Social Affairs as the Secretary-General of the Conference. To support the Bureau and the Conference Secretary-General in steering the preparatory process, a secretariat has been established within the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. The Conference Secretary-General in his functions is supported by two Executive Coordinators and a team of special advisors. The Secretariat?s work is organized under five clusters. More information
UN System Coordination
To secure coordinated support from the United Nations system to the preparatory process, capacities of several existing coordination mechanism are being tapped. These include: (i) the Executive Committee of Economic and Social Affairs (ECESA), (ii) the United Nations Development Group (UNDG), and (iii) the Environmental Management Group (EMG). "Troika meetings" in which Chairs of above referred mechanisms participate are held on as and when required basis. Some UN entities have also seconded staff to the UNCSD Secretariat. More information
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