Rio+20 Transportation
Information on Athletes Park
Shuttle buses between Rio Centro and Athletes Park are available on a rotating schedule every 15 minutes.

Information on Arena da Barra (HSBC Arena)
Shuttle buses are available from Rio Centro to Arena da Barra (HSBC Arena). Please look for staff wearing green SHUTTLE BUS shirts for direction. Allow thirty minutes to get to the Arena from Rio Centro due to traffic. Once you arrive, please allow ten minutes for entry. Government issued photo ID (passport) is required to enter the Arena. Accreditation is not required. The entrance to the Arena and a food court are on Floor 1. UN Major Groups events are located on Floor 0 (UN2, UN3, UN4) and Floor 2 (UN6, UN7).

The UN Major Groups office with the focal point for the Arena is located on Floor 0 behind the Print Bureau. Questions can be directed to volunteers present (in blue shirts) and to the Reception desk on Floor 0.
Special shuttle services will be offered by the Government of Brazil to representatives of Member States, intergovernmental organizations, the UN system, major groups and media between airports and hotel areas, and hotel areas and Riocentro from 12 to 23 June 2012.

How do I find my bus shuttle from the airport ?

As you pass through customs to the main airport hall, please look for the individuals with a green shirt labeled SHUTTLE BUS (on the back). These are trained individuals that will guide you to the buses/vans going to your hotel. If you can't find them, please step out of the main hall and walk to the buses/vans marked with the �Rio + 20 logo� on the side and on the windshield, the driver will direct you to assistance.

What do I need to provide in order to be able to board the bus?

A valid Conference access pass will be required to access this service. Prior to obtaining a conference pass, the following proof of identity will be accepted:

a. Representatives of Member States or inter- governmental organizations: A diplomatic passport, UN grounds pass, embassy ID, an official letter of credentials or official letter of participation issued by governments or organizations;

b. Representatives of the UN system: a valid UN Laissez- Passer or grounds pass;

c. Representatives of the major groups: a valid ID together with a copy of the confirmation letter from the United Nations confirming registration in the Conference

d. Representatives of media: a valid ID together with a copy of the e-mail from the United Nations approving participation in the Conference.
How do I get to Rio Centro?
Shuttle buses provided by the Government of Brazil for accredited participants only to Rio Centro from hotel areas are available and will run on a daily basis starting 13 June 2012. Rio+20 Transportation

Please click here for the shuttle bus schedule from the hotels and to RioCentro

Other means of transportation are available:
Rio de Janeiro has a good public transportation network. Rio's subway system runs from 5am to 12am, Monday to Saturday, and from 7am to 11pm on Sundays and holidays. Most bus service lines operate around the clock. However, the waiting intervals can be significantly longer during the night and early morning. Avoid using cars to go to Conference venues. In addition to reducing traffic, you will be contributing to the objective of the Conference, which is to build a sustainable world.

By city bus

➢ From Downtown ("Centro")

Line 268 (Pra�a XV � Riocentro, through Graja�-Jacarepagu�)* Terminal da Miseric�rdia; Av. Pres. Ant�nio Carlos; P�a. Tiradentes; P�a. da Rep�blica; Av. Pres. Vargas; P�a. Maracan�; Bd. Vinte e Oito de Setembro; Graja�-Jacarepagu� Highway.

*Does not go through the blue zone

➢ From Zona Sul ("South Zone") Line 2113 (Castelo �Taquara, through Barra)

Line 2113 (Castelo �Taquara, through Barra)

Goes along the Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon beaches*

*On Sundays and holidays, since the beach-front street is closed, the route goes through Rua Barata Ribeiro (Copacabana), Rua Prudente de Moraes (Ipanema) and Rua General San Martin (Leblon).

➢ From Barra

Line 706 (Col�nia � Terminal Alvorada)

Line 708 (Largo do Remi � Terminal Alvorada)

By subway

Purchase the Metr� Barra ticket

Take the subway to the last station of Line 1 (General Osorio). Using the same ticket, take the connection bus to Terminal Alvorada. Exit the bus at Terminal Alvorada and take the regular bus (line 706 or 708).
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